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Daniel Blizzard

Chief Executive Officer

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Daniel's Story

I started in the financial industry when the Australian financial landscape was undergoing massive change. Foreign banks had entered our market and the traditional funders were under attack by some of the most innovative global finance companies, such as GE Capital and RBS. This period taught me about the need to vigorously compete to fulfil our clients’ needs and the importance of innovation. Twenty years later, the financial world could not be more different.

Having worked throughout Asia and Australia and completed many innovative financial solutions for clients within the region, I am now experiencing a climate that has seen foreign institutions retreat and government regulators placing tighter regulatory controls across the financial market.

As then, today we must be more innovative. We must look to transform and become new institutions with capabilities that can help our clients in a market short on capital. With this innovative spirit our company is bringing new thinking that allows Maia Financial to create dynamic solutions to achieve the extraordinary. I could never be more proud than I am currently, leading a team capable of delivering amazing outcomes for our clients.


“What you do now is what you do always.”

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