Structured Finance

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Structured Finance

A new way to grow in a constrained financial services landscape.

In Australia and New Zealand the banking market controls up to 90% of business capital. The figures in America and Europe are significantly lower at 16% and 50%. Currently market changes and regulatory controls are suffocating organisational access to capital.

The challenge is accessing funds required for growth. Most businesses still only use traditional capital options: senior debt, equity and asset finance.

While a number of financial institutions use traditional assets as principal security, companies with specialised assets neglect to have this luxury. These markets have traditionally been starved of capital and this means their growth is restricted.

Maia Financial brings substantial capital choice to the market. We do this by leveraging your business critical assets (BCA), with a limited or unknown secondary market value to unlock hidden capital.

One of the unique features of our model is the management structure of our investment. We continuously monitor the funding structure and asset lifecycle as your business evolves. And because of our partnership and vested interest in the assets, together we can successfully maintain the infrastructure and contract terms to maximise operational capacity.

Ultimately we win when you win. It’s a relationship, not a transaction.

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