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We believe in the power of diversity and the collective wisdom this brings to help create solutions for clients.

Our whole team gets involved to help solve client problems. By combining the brightest minds, we find unique ways to solve any client challenge.

Our Team of Experts

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Daniel Blizzard
Chief Executive Officer
Geoff Levy
Chairman, AO
Joey Fridman
Member of the Board of Directors
Gavin Sher
Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Andrew Timm
Senior Director, Treasury
Brett Cheal
Senior Director, Vendor and Intermediary Finance
Jon Gear
Senior Director, Asset Risk and Pricing
Peter O’Donoghue
Senior Director, Asset Performance
Paul Fine
Senior Director, Asset Management Services
Marie-lyse Eliatamby
General Counsel, Legal and Compliance
Adrian Wood
Senior Director, Business Improvement
Chander Gupta
Senior Director, Finance
Danielle Woods
Senior Director, Marketing
Peter Grover
Director, Growth Capital
Colin Phillips
Director, Specialised Asset Finance, New Zealand
David Roberts
Director, Specialised Asset Finance, Perth
Emma Arzoumanian
Consultant, Specialised Asset Finance, Sydney
Mark Schneider
Consultant, Specialised Energy Solutions
Shaun Sergay
Senior Account Manager, Asset Performance
Joshua Bolot
Head of Growth Strategy and Advisory
Dane Kent
Team Leader - Sales Activation
Steven Davey
Asset Risk and Pricing Analyst
Geraldine Farac
Client Services Manager
Amy Zhai
Treasury Analyst

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