Our Funds

Our Funds

Through an extensive 25 year history, Maia Financial has funded more than AUD $5bn of assets.

Our management team has a combined 100 years of experience in financial investing, risk and asset management. They have delivered an historical average loss rate of 0.1% over the past decade.

Why invest in us?


Stable risk-adjusted returns

Maia Financial has achieved a consistent, risk adjusted yield premium for our funders.

Rigorous investment process

The strict application of Maia Financial’s investment process delivers compelling, risk-adjusted portfolio performance and moderate loss rates with a historical average of only 0.1%.

Funding partner alignment

Our partnership model ensures we align with the goals of our funders.

Supportive industry dynamics

In the past decade, as increasing equity capital requirements have lowered the return on equity generated by business banking divisions, banks have retreated from certain sectors. This trend has left Australian and New Zealand corporate clients looking for alternative solutions for their capital needs. In addition, the changes to the accounting standards will result in more leverage on balance sheets, at a time when businesses can least afford it.

Maia Financial can support the growth ambitions of corporate clients in both markets. Our non-bank funding model can help the future of corporate funding across Australia and New Zealand. 

Funding partner alignment

At Maia Financial we seek to partner with both funders and clients. Our investment approach, which is underpinned by an active management strategy, has developed over decades. The equity we invest in each deal ensures tight alignment between us and our funding partners:

  1. Equity investment: we invest significant, non-interest bearing, non-amortising equity into our rental structures
  2. Incentivised: we do not receive a return until our funders are fully repaid
  3. Secured: asset ownership provides superior protection
  4. Active management: we actively manage our portfolio of assets throughout the life of the investment to ensure profitable outcomes.

Diverse client and asset base

Maia Financial’s partnership approach has resulted in a high quality client base (from AAA to B), which operates across multiple industries and asset types. Our approach to proactively managing our equity investment through the life of an agreement, ensures we protect our business and our investors interests.

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